I am too Heavy to Go on the Seesaw

幾個有”too”/ “enough” /”just right” 的句型

too… to + 動詞

too… for + 名詞

例1:I am too heavy to go on the seesaw.

例2:You’re too big for our pool.

例3:I am too big for my shirt.

例4:You have grown too big for your crib.

例5:I am too big for diapers.

enough… to + 動詞

enough… for + 名詞

例1:I am big enough for a bed.

just right 剛剛好

例1:This one is just right.

例2:I am just right for my new shirt/ shoes.


  • too… to/ for
  • enough… to/ for
  • just right