Frog Song

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Life Cycle of a Frog      青蛙的生命週期


1. By the pond under the moon, the two frogs fell in love.    月下的池塘邊,兩隻青蛙相愛了

2. Then the mother laid the eggs in the pond’s water.    媽媽在池塘裡下蛋

3. Mommy waited by the pond, until she sees eggs hatch.    媽媽在池塘邊等待,看著蛋孵化

4.Then the little eggs start to hatch slowly one by one.    蛋一顆一顆慢慢孵化

5.Swimming like a little fish, a tadpole is its name.    像魚一樣游泳,它叫做蝌蚪

6.The tadpoles grow back legs, but still it’s not a frog.    蝌蚪長出後腳但還不是青蛙

7.The tadpoles grow front legs, but still it’s not a frog.    蝌蚪長出前腳但還不是青蛙

8.The tail shrinks and the legs get strong, they hop hop hop as frogs.    尾巴縮起來腿變壯了,它們像青蛙一樣跳

9.Tadpole turns into a frog, no longer with a tail.    蝌蚪變成青蛙,再也沒有尾巴了

10.This is the life cycle of frogs, it’s time to start again  這就是青蛙的生命週期,週而復始



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